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Life sure has gotten complicated, hasn’t it? With endless to-do lists and never enough time, we rush from activity to activity, trying desperately to squeeze it all in before collapsing exhausted into bed at the end of the day. And then it barely feels like we’ve even closed our eyes before the alarm is waking us up again to do it all over. Again.

Our days are cluttered with activity, and our brains are cluttered with all of the information coming at us from all directions. Similarly, the spaces we live and work in have become cluttered as well.

There’s… just… so… much… stuff.

So we’ve decided to push back. We’ve realized the importance of focus, of being able to concentrate and do deep work. The importance of presence and mindfulness. The importance of engaging in meaningful conversation with the people we value. Sometimes we don’t even need the conversation, just being together in the same real (versus virtual) space is enough. Yes, we’re pushing back. Meditation and yoga are more popular than ever. Marie Kondo, whose books have exported the philosophy of “neat and tidy” living spaces from Japan, has sold over 10 million copies in 42 countries and regions. We’re installing software on our laptops and phones that block electronic distractions like pop-ups and notifications. Clutter is out, and minimalism is in.

Minimalist Kitchen Philosophy and Design

Kitchens are clutter magnets. They’re the heart and soul of our homes, and for many families more waking hours are spent in the kitchen than any other room in the house.

The kitchen is where meals are prepped and often eaten, where bills get paid, and where homework gets done. It’s where teenagers raid the pantry looking for a snack, where toddlers like to explore ground-level cabinets and drawers. If there’s a “junk drawer” in the house, it’s very likely in the kitchen. Minimalist kitchen design is an attempt to reduce all of this chaos.

An attempt to put some sanity back into our daily lives by removing the clutter and helping us focus and engage. An attempt to help us be more present with the important people in our lives, free of distraction. Minimalist kitchens are defined by clean, clutter-free countertops. Simple but attractive appliances with clean, smooth lines. Plenty of storage space for the essentials -- a place for everything and everything in its place. And yet there are some essentials that are best left out on the counter. A coffee maker, for example. You don’t want to have to take it out of a cabinet every time you want a cup of coffee. You’re going to leave it on the counter. There are other examples as well.

Here are 6 products that will look right at home in a modern, minimalist kitchen, even when you leave them out on the counter.

Six Beautiful, Functional Products for Your Minimalist Kitchen

Microwave It’s ridiculous to even think about putting a microwave away in a cabinet after you use it. They’re simply meant to sit on a countertop. Check out this sleek design by Monogram. It’s clean, smooth lines will help it blend right in with your minimalist kitchen and appliances. Depending on your space available, there are 1.1 cubic feet and 2.2 cubic feet versions available.

Dry Storage Containers Sure, it’d be best if you could just keep all of your dry goods tucked away on a shelf in the pantry. But there may not be room in there. Besides, depending on how frequently you cook (and especially bake), you might want to have flour, sugar, cornstarch, etc. within easy reach. Minimalism is supposed to make things simpler, and digging around in your pantry for the right ingredients isn’t simple. These simple, glass storage containers by Hawkins New York will do the trick. But if you’d prefer to keep your ingredients hidden, try this ceramic solution by Food52.


Spice Rack Nothing says kitchen clutter like a drawer or cabinet full of disorganized spices. Worse yet is having them scattered about the counter. And chances are, you’ve got a whole variety of manufacturers, each with it’s own jar and label style. So even if you organize the jars in a rack, it still looks cluttered. Try this sleek, brushed metal rack from Williams Sonoma. It comes with the jars and preprinted labels in a modern, appealing font for the most common spices. The perfect solution that looks amazing and keeps your spices within cooking reach.


Utensil Holder

There’s a certain balance that exists with the minimalist kitchen.  Clutter-free is important.  Clean countertops free of kitchen gadgets are important.  But the space needs to be functional as well.  You don’t want to be fumbling around in a drawer looking for a wooden spoon at the moment you need it.  Meanwhile, your masterpiece is burning on the stove.  So you want things handy, and within reach, without ruining the “clean” look of well-designed minimalism.  The right containers and storage solutions can make all the difference.  For example, a utensil crock from Crate & Barrel will blend right in with your minimalist kitchen while providing a nice contrast from all of the stainless steel.


Coffee Maker

It’s easy to add features. Think a consumer might possibly want a digital clock on their coffee maker? Easy. Add it. More difficult is removing features, and leaving just the ones that users need. Simplicity can be more difficult than complicated. Ratio has done the hard work to simplify their coffee makers to the barest of essentials. With a minimum number of buttons to figure out, and no features that you’d never use anyway, their Eight model is the perfect way to start your morning. Mornings are complicated enough, and this great-looking machine will help keep them simple.



Fruit Bowl Minimalist kitchens are defined by neutral, monochromatic color schemes. It’s time to add a splash of color, and fresh fruit is the perfect way to do it. Placed just right, it can become a focal point for your beautiful kitchen, adding pop and reinforcing the clean elegance of your kitchen’s design. Pottery Barn’s marble fruit bowl is available in both white and black, and will showcase the beautiful, natural colors of the season.

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