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Fresh Cuts All The Time.
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Winning Over Pros and Home Shefs Alike.

Outstandingly sharp,staying sharp for a much longer time, tough and low maintenance, Hast have become the go-to knives for many professional chefs, culinary critics and passionate home cooks.

Steven B*, Morristown NJ

“I absolutely love them. ”

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Pikkon, Lakewood, NJ.

 "I like it!"

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Jeffery, P. NY.

"Positively surprised!"

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Ian D. LA. CA.

Very nice, noticeably different from other chef's knives.

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The Pros are Turning to Made In

It’s incredibly sharp and durable. Good for all types of kitchen.

Gerhard Passrugger, Grand Hyatt HK.

Usually I’ve to buy a very high-end & expensive Japanese knife to find this type of quality. 

Richie Lopez, Chef, LA

It cuts very well, easy to clean, a great plus for home and restaurant.

Takagi Kazuo, Kyoto Cuisine Takagi, Kyoto

Great edge, very sharp. I really like the shape, the look and how it feels in my hand. ” 

Jamie Pea, Chef & Writer