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“With a keen eye for detail, these kitchen knives exude an appealing aesthetic. In addition, they convince with easy handling and their light weight.”

Red Dot Design Award Joury

Award-Winning Design

Minimal. Unified.

Seamless. Timeless

Intuitive. Playful.

Perfect knives, perfect storage

Design For Function

Perfectly balanced

Harmonious proportions, for fluid and agile handling.


For effortless slicing, dicing, and cutting without heavy lifting.


For a smooth transition that accommodates any grip style.

Meaningful details

A rounded edge knife heel turns this sharp object into a carefully considered tool.


A crevice-free body that leaves no place for stains or grime.


The Titanium coated blades provide extra protection from acid and food stains.

Some of the critics who adore Hast

Holistic design for modern cooking.

A full range in a perfect set. Celebrate your passion for cooking with versatile knives that can tackle any ingredient and feel inspired at every step of the process.

Perfect knives, perfect storage

Our tempered glass knife block takes our commitment to minimalistic design to the next level. The block holds up to 7 Hast knives and serves as an artistic display in your kitchen. Dishwasher safe and compact, your knives will stay hygienic and always in reach.

A hard solution for peak sharpness

Our ceramic honing rod turns a chore into a quick ritual without compromising style. Ultra-hard and with a smooth fine grit, your knives will stay sharp and keen from day one. 

Make Kitchen Your Creative Studio With Style.

With a clean finish and smooth contours, the minimalist design will outlast any trend, and your knives will always be a counter-worthy centerpiece. So, whether you’re cooking solo or with company, your artist’s tools will always be in reach and you’ll feel inspired every time you enter the kitchen.