A timeless design that sparks joy & Creativity

When we were designing Hast’s products, we went back to basics and completely rethought kitchen knives. We created a tool to make cooking easier, more fun, and more relevant to modern living. We wanted to create tools that would reinvigorate cooking with inspiration and creativity.

Simple, But Significant

The design is simple and intuitive, eliminating the seriousness often associated with high-quality cooking tools. We’ve stripped away the unnecessary elements so each knife’s form elevates its function. Hast knives are super light, agile, and perfectly balanced as a result.

Hast knives are visually light and playful, so even the newest cooks will find themselves eager to pull out a cutting board. Sometimes this spark of inspiration is the first, tiny step of the journey to become a great chef.

Clean & fine lines

Harmonious proportions

Seamless body

Extended handle

Ergonomic shape

A rounded tail

The Almost Perfect Glass Knife Block

Honing rod

A full set, a modern touch in you kitchen.
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