Advanced Powder Steel Knives

Sharp. Awesome.

Get our Edition series powder steel knives and knife sets to instantly boost your cooking creativity and style.

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Premium Japanese Carbon Steel Knives

Effortless. Flawless.

Made to the same standard of Japanese artisan knives, Hast Selection series Japanese carbon steel knives are excellently sharp, stay sharp longer, and are extremely comfortable to handle.

Chef Knife $79

Award-winning Timeless Design

Clean. Intuitive. Smart.

Clean lines. Smooth transitions. A timeless silhouette. A single piece of flawless steel, from handle to blade. It’s your kitchen staple, reimagined for a more intuitive and seamless cutting experience. Personal yet universal, our knives feel natural in your hand — no matter your grip style.

Sharper than the highest standard

Crazy Sharp. Instant Satisfaction.

Cut clean, precise, and fast with an ultra-thin 0.3mm edge and 13° cutting angle, both our powder steel knives and Japanese steel knives are sharper than the highest industry standard — rivaling artisan knives that cost hundreds of dollars.

Stay sharper for much longer.

Never a dull moment.

Cut perfectly, every time. Matrix powder steel has outstanding wear resistance, and we’re twice as durablecompared to CATRA’s highest standard. 

Sharpen less. Cook more. Creativity uninterrupted.

  • They are not only sharp, but a delight to handle. The beautiful design also meants less time to clean.

    Simon Majumdar, Los Angles

  • It is simply beautiful. They are very easy to handle. Perfect size and well balanced. Both design and its great sharpness motivate me to cook.

    Tatsurou Yoshino, Tokyo

  • It cuts very well, easy to clean, a great plus for home and restaurant.

    Takagi Kazuo, Kyoto

  • It’s incredibly sharpand durable. Good for all types of kitchen.

    Richie Lopez, Los Angles

  • It’s a great knife, cuts very well. Love the thin blade & light weight.

    Gerhard Passrugger, Hong Kong

  • I am really impressed by its performance. I continuously used the chefs knife to cut meat, fish, and vegetables for 5 days, and it stayed sharp all the way along.

    Morio Hori,Kyoto

Unleash Your Cooking Talents With Award-winning Knives.

Stunning yet intuitive. Ergonomic yet substantial. Lightweight yet tough.  Hast knives are made for faster flawless meal prep and more playful cooking. 

  • Japanese artisan style blade

    Our knives are made to the same standard as high carbon, artisan blades. Combined with matrix powder steel’s outstanding hardness, our knives have superb sharpness and wear resistance.

  • Precision manufacturing.

    After countless lab and kitchen tests with professional chefs and home cooks, our knives are perfectly balanced for comfortable grip and effortless handling. 

  • Low Maintenance.

    High corrosion resistance means low maintenance. Cook and cut with easy-clean, crevice-free blades that resist staining and give no room for bacteria to hide. 

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