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How long do I need to sharpen Hast knives?

It depends on how you use the knife, and how sharp you expect.

Hast knives are made awesomely sharp and can stay sharp longer. In Catra’s sharpness and edge-retention test, Hast Edition 8” chef’s knife are 50% above Catra’s Excellent sharpness standard, 116% above theexcellent durability standard, the gold standard for the best knives in the world.

Our tailored ceramic honing rod are designed for easy home maintenance, it restores the glade edge just with a few strikes.

Does this knife require special care?

Hast knives are easy to maintain, unlike other high-end (high-carbon) knives. Rinse and dry after use, avoid storage with direct contact of hard objects, avoid dishwasher (no need), and don’t use it to open cans or chop big bones.

Should I buy one knife or a full set?

Our chef’s knife or santoku knife is a great start if you occasionally cook or happen to be a minimalist. Both can handle a lot and will change your cooking. It’s almost good for anything, slicing a hot steak, or cut a watermelon.

But it’s also great to handle different tasks and ingredients with different knives. Our utility knife is perfect for handling vegetables and fruits, greatfor vegetarians.

If you look to upgrade your kitchen style, getting the full set will be the obvious choice. It adds style and creativity to your kitchen and will inspire you tocook more.

Is Titanium coating safe?

Theg old and black knives are Pvd Ti coated. Pvd Ti coating makes the blade evenmore corrosion resistant and is easier to clean. Hast Edition knives have passed FDA food safety test.

Are the Glossy stainless knives slippery?

It’s not slippery.

It almost feels the same as the steel frame of the iPhone X.

The fine polished surface is also more resistant to stains, rust, and scent.

Does the sleek design compromise the function and user experience?

Hastknives are designed from ground-up for better experience, easy maintenancerather than a sleek look. All design decision are made to improve the userexperience, including to make cooking more playful. Customers love the greatbalance, amazing handling, lightweight, comfortable and a solid grib.

What is powder steel?

Powder steel is a type of steel made with an atomization process, which create steel with fine carbide distributions for better toughness and to allowsteels that would not be possible with conventional processing.

Powder steels are used in high-end knives and industrial applications requiring outstanding hardness and strength.

Unlike high-carbon steel, powder steel can achieve its outstanding hardness without the sacrifice of its metal strength & corrosion resistance, which attributes to the high cost of production and easy rusting.