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Hast Selection 5" Boning Knife | Japanese Carbon Steel

Hast Selection 5" Boning Knife | Japanese Carbon Steel

Minimalist Design Boning Knife

The ultra-thin high-tip blade of the Hast Selection 5" boning knife makes it easy to loosen bones and remove fat and tendons. It trims off extra fat, glides through tough tendons, and makes a perfect steak so that you can cook it exactly the way you want. 

This knife is part of the 7 Piece Minimalist Kitchen Knife Set.

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Color: Matte Silver
Product Features
  • One Piece, minimalist design
  • Japanese carbon steel
  • Ultra-thin artisan blade
  • Wildly sharp & durable
  • Lightweight & great balance
  • Bolsterless & crevice-free
  • Overall Length: 10.2"/258mm
  • Blade Length: 5"/124mm
  • Ultra-Thin & Flexible Blade
  • With 13° Edge Angle (Both Sides)
  • Blade Thickness: 0.01" /2mm
  • Handle Thickness: 0.6"/16mm
  • Weight: 80g/2.8 oz
  • Matrix Powder Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium Coating (Black & Gold)

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  • 30 Days MoneyBack

  • Easy Home Maintenance

  • Ultra-Sharp & Durable

  • Ultra-thin Artisan Blade

  • Japanese Carbon Steel

  • Sexy, sharp, clean, and functional. They’re smooth to the hand with good grip and perfect weight allowing us to get precise and clear cutting with minimun effort.”

    Victor Vieira Chef, Masterchef finalist

  • Sharpest and most comfortable knife I own. The Hast utility knife has empowered and inspired me to take my skill set in the kitchen to the next level. ”

    Liz LINN Chef, Masterchef contestant

  • It is simply beautiful. The utility knife is very easy to handle. Perfect size and well balanced. Chef’s knife is also well-balanced and easy to handle. Its design & great sharpness motivate me to cook.

    Tatsurou Yoshino, Chef

  • It cuts very well, easy to clean, a great plus for home and restaurant.

    Takagi Kazuo, Kyoto Cuisine Takagi, Kyoto

The Do-It-All Wonder 

The most important kitchen investment you’ll ever make. The humble Chef Knife is the definitive staple for every chef — novice or master — that makes tackling meat, seafood, vegetables, and herbs of all textures and sizes effortless. Ultra-sharp with a minimalist design, the blade of our Chef’s Knife has its fair share of admirers, winning a spot in GQ’s Best Knives list and Saveur’s Best Chef Knives in 2022.   


Uncover the beauty of vegetables .

Making perfect cuts the way you want is essential to express your cooking creativity and style. Made to the same standard as Japanese artisan knives, Hast Selection 8” chef’s knife get the job done without needing the extra maintenance like any other expensive knives.

Excellent wear-resistance rated by CATRA

Stay sharp. Always keen.

To be able to express your cooking inspiration any time, all the time, you need knives that can stay sharp. Backed by advanced carbon steel from Japan and our innovative engineering, Hast Selection series knives can keep their sharp for a longer period of time, saving you the hassle of sharpening and frustration.

Advanced Japanese carbon steel

Extraordinary. Easy.

Hast Selection series knives are made of premium Japanse carbon steel by renowned steel maker Koike. It's ultra-hard yet strong and stable, thanks to its unique composition combined with state of art precision manufacturing. Unlike other premium knives, Hast Selection knives are versital, easy to maintain, and unstressful to use.

Everyone's perfect knife

Universal. Personal

By removing details that's not essential to modern cooking, Hast knives have a very simple and clean profile that transforms your slicing, dicing and make cutting and prepping a critical phase to express your cooking creativity.

The Perfect Gift For Chefs 

Premium Looks. Artisan Feel.

Soft edges, polished lines, and a rounded knife heel make our knives comfortable and natural in your hand. A beautiful gift for any foodie or professional, our knives stand out in compact, minimalist packaging.