Make Cooking Modern.

Hast was funded by early believers around the globe on Kickstarter in 2019, after a 3-year development journey. It was created by Elliot Cao in pursuit of the simple goal to make a kitchen knife that’s more relevant to modern cooking: more fun, more creative, and more inspiring.

Prior to creating Hast, Elliot worked as a consultant in marketing and branding for agencies and companies such as FutureBrand, Weber Shandwick and Nivea.

The name Hast came from Swedish, meaning speedy/fast. It also means “have” in Old English. The name reflects our function-focused, minimalist design approach, and the chef’s mindset: focused, creative, and present.

We want to create meaningful designs and products to help rediscover the joy of everyday activities, starting with cooking.

We hope to make cooking even more important and more fun for every home. We want to inspire people to cook more and inspire more people to cook, whether their cooking journey begins with a sliced fruit plate or a perfectly seared steak.

Be creative, enjoy the moment, and have more fun cooking.