Sharp & Stylish: Hast Edition Chef’s Knife Review

It looks sharp, cuts sharp--a leap beyond the aesthetics of the age-old commercial knife set. When we are knee-deep in filming in the SideChef culinary studio, having a set of knives that can reliably cut cleanly and quickly is exactly what we need.

I highly recommend Hast knives for the budding home cook who wants to evoke kitchen envy.

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Our Test Kitchen Loves These Knives

We found Hast knives’ blades offer a solution to the great paradox we often face with high-quality knives: They’re sharp, but not so sharp they can’t hold up to regular use.

Plus, they don’t require any special care—they’re dishwasher-safe and you can even sharpen them with a ceramic mug.

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Hast knives have turned me into a true knife snob.

The first time you cook with these you're gonna know splurge-worthy knives are truly a ~cut~ above the rest. I had no idea how hard I was working to prep vegetables/meat/bread before. Now that I have lightweight, sharp knives, I can really feel the difference. My wrist doesn't get tired and prep work is done much faster. "


Hast knives are made to be sharper, stronger, & sleeker

The powder-steel construction gives them an edge that cuts through vegetables like butter, while the ergonomic shape, designed with careful consideration, helps you prep food faster and easier.

The knife’s seamless monolithic design transitions poetically from blade to grip, while its shape encourages you to use the knife in its desired rocking motion for the best results.

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Approved & loved by Chefs

Richie Lopez, YAPA, Los Angeles

"I would definitely recommend for all types of kitchen/home use. Usually I’ve to buy a very high- end & expensive Japanese knife to find this type of quality."

Gerhard Passrugger, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

"It’s a great knife, cuts very well and it keeps edge for a good amount of time. I also love the thin blade, light weight and great balance."

Takagi Kazuo, 2stared Since 2010, Kyoto

"It cuts very well, more than enough for most home chefs. It’s easy to clean, a great plus for home and restaurant. I also like the sleek shape, smart and cool. "

Jamie Pea, Vegetarian Chef, Shanghai

“Great edge, very sharp. I really like the shape, the look and how it feels in my hand. It has a great balance even noticeably lighter.”

Applauded by home chefs

“The knife is nice, well balanced and easy to clean. It’s very sharp and easy to maintain and hard enough to cut little bones and meat.”

Paco Becerro

I love this knife - very light weight, nice and narrow so it doenst fight thru what you are cutting,
sweet shape to the tip and more

Dr. Jacqueline A. Soule

“It looks really snazzy though and like something that will not only last and do a great job but impress house guests too”

Deni Kirkova

“It's so amazing to use. It feels comfortable to hold in my hand, and it's so incredibly sharp that it will glide through anything. Whether I cut onions, tomatoes, carrots or other vegetables, it slices them all easily. And it doesn't seem to dull with use.”

Michelle Westman
Bringing superior pro-grade performance, minimalist modern design, and easy maintenance to kitchens of all kinds, Hast knives are tested and loved by chefs, culinary experts, and passionate home cooks around the world.