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  • Tempered Glass Knife Block
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30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee
Patented Matrix Powder Steel
Excellent Performance Tested by CATRA
Ultra Thin Japanese Style Blade
Easy Home Maintenance

"Generously weighted but well-balanced and comfortable, it’s super sharp and easy to handle."

"This $100 chef's knife is the best I've ever owned...and the entire set is more than worth it."

"The first time you cook with these you're gonna know splurge-worthy knives are truly a ~cut~ above the rest."

"This innovative, lightweight knife design stays surprisingly sharp."

"It feels durable and sharp, yet it has this weightless quality that truly makes me feel like I'm using something much more expensive."

"It looks sharp, cuts sharp--a leap beyond the aesthetics of the age-old commercial knife set."

"We found Hast blades offer a solution to the great paradox we often face with high-quality knives: They’re sharp, but not so sharp they can’t hold up to regular use. "

"The Hast knives have been a complete game-changer for my kitchen, and I can't imagine starting any kitchen task without them these days. "

Minimal Matte
Absolute Glossy
Matte Black (Ti)
Bold Gold (Ti)

"It cuts very well, easy to clean, a great plus for home and restaurant. I also looks smart & cool. "

Takagi Kazuo, Two-starred since 2010, Kyoto

"I really like Hast knives. Great quality, lightweight, modern look, great all-around product."

Chef Lorious, Chef & TV host, LA

"Great edge, very sharp. I really like the shape, the look and how it
feels in my hand. It has a great balance even noticeably lighter."

Jamie Pea, Chief Chef, Shanghai

"It’s a great knife, cuts very well. Love the thin blade and light weight."

Gerhard Passrugger, Executive chef, Andaz Tokyo