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Tempered Glass Knife Block

Tempered Glass Knife Block

Empty 7 Piece Tempered Glass Knife Block

Why hide such beautiful knives away in a drawer? Our stylish and dishwasher-safe tempered glass knife block was created especially for Hast knives. It holds up to seven knives, so you can turn your knife collection into a visual masterpiece.

This glass knife block is part of the 7 Piece Minimalist Kitchen Knife Set.

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Product Features
  • Glass block
  • Ultra-hygienic
  • Dish-washer safe
  • Versatile and stylish
  • The perfect match for Hast designer knives
  • Environmental all-paper packaging
  • Height: 9.8"/250mm
  • Diameter: 5.1"/130mm
  • Capacity: up to 7 Hast knives
  • Weight: 27.1oz/770g
  • Tempered glass
  • PP LID
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  • 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

  • Patented Matrix Powder Steel

  • Excellent Performance Tested by CATRA

  • Ultra-thin Artisan Blade

  • Easy Home Maintenance 

Display Your Centerpiece-Worthy Collection

Simplicity and functionality come together in our sturdy, dishwasher-safe tempered glass knife block. Designed to hold7 Hast knives, this block turns your collection into an artistic display and keeps your most important tools always in reach.

Minimalist Design 


Your artist’s tools deserve center stage on your counter. Clean and minimalist, our knife block turns your knives into a sleek display that inspires every time you enter the kitchen.

Compact And Versatile

All Knives On Deck

Designed to hold up to 7 knives, the Hast glass knife block can fit easily into kitchens of any size and style so that you can have your knives in sight and always in reach. 

Clean And Crevice-Free

Extra Hygienic

The Hast glass knife block is easy to clean and dries quickly, leaving no wet corners for stains, germs, and bacteria to develop. Meal prep every day with easy care knives that stay hygienic.

Compact All-Paper Packaging 

A Step Forward To Sustainability 

We don’t stop at efficiency. We apply the same product design principles to our packaging, something often overlooked by larger companies. Our glass knife block comes in a unique all-paper packaging system which provides ample protection — no plastic foam required.

  • It’s incredibly sharp and durable. Good for all types of kitchen.

    Richie Lopez, YAPA, LA

  • It’s a great knife, cuts very well. Love the thin blade & light weight.”

    Gerhard Passrugger, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

  • It cuts very well, easy to clean, a great plus for home and restaurant.

    Takagi Kazuo, Kyoto Cuisine Takagi, Kyoto