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Edition Series Design Bread Knife

Edition Series Design Bread Knife

Best Serrated Bread Knife for Slicing Bread

This serrated bread knife’s edge is designed to easily slice through bread and cut through hard crusts, cleanly separating one slice of freshly baked bread from the next. You worked hard on your sourdough, and you deserve a bread slicing knife that won’t mar the beauty of that perfect loaf, or your beautiful minimalist kitchen décor.

This bread knife is part of the 7 Piece Minimalist Kitchen Knife Set.

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Color: Minimal Matte
Product Features
  • One Piece, Minimalist Design
  • Matrix Powder Steel
  • Japanese style blade
  • Serrated edge, best knife to cut bread
  • Lightweight & great balance
  • Bolsterless & crevice-free
  • Overall Length: 13.6"/346mm
  • Blade Length: 8”/200mm
  • Ultra-Thin & Flexible Blade
  • Handle Thickness: 0.9"/23mm
  • Weight: 5.6oz/160g
  • Matrix Powder Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium Coating (Black & Gold)
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  • Ultra-Sharp & Durable

  • Patented Matrix Powder Steel

  • Ultra-thin Artisan Blade

  • Easy Home Maintenance 

  • 30 Days MoneyBack

The Sleek Slicer

Named the best bread knife by Men’s Health, this bread knife makes uniform slicing satisfying and swift. A seamless blade that leaves no gaps for breadcrumbs to collect, this slicer is an all-around marvel for baked goods and more. Level off cakes for even layers, slice through crusty rustic loaves, and even chop through pumpkins with this tough serrated knife.

Outstandingly sharp

Cut clean. Cut easy.

Sail through crusty loaves and achieve perfect, uniform slices with even the softest bread. Our 8” Bread Knife is made to the highest sharpness standard, making it a truly world-class tool. 

Resist dull

Never blunt. Always keen.

Engineered to deliver the perfect cut every time, Hast knives let you have more control  and creative freedom. Sleek and keen, our 8” powder steel Chef’s Knife is twice as sharp as well-known premium brands.  

Matrix Powder Steel

Harder. Tougher. 

Matrix powder steel is the next generation of premium steel. Compared to traditional high-carbon steel, matrix powder steel does what was once thought impossible — combine hardness, strength, and stability without compromise. It’s the driving force behind our superior sharpness, durability, and easy handling. 

Red Dot Design Award Winner

Seamless. Timeless.

Precision engineering and master craftsmanship come together to create a flawless blade that’s perfectly balanced for effortless cutting. The crevice-free blade easily slices all types of bread without leaving a metallic taste and leaves no room for breadcrumbs to accumulate. 

The Perfect Gift For Chefs 

Premium Looks. Artisan Feel.

Soft edges, polished lines, and a rounded knife heel make the Hast bread knife comfortable and natural in your hand. A beautiful gift for any baker, our knives stand out in compact, premium packaging.  

  • It’s incredibly sharp and durable. Good for all types of kitchen.

    Richie Lopez, YAPA, LA

  • It’s a great knife, cuts very well. Love the thin blade & light weight.”

    Gerhard Passrugger, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

  • It cuts very well, easy to clean, a great plus for home and restaurant.

    Takagi Kazuo, Kyoto Cuisine Takagi, Kyoto

Popular Questions

What is a bread knife used for?

A bread knife is a type of knife with a long, serrated edge that is specifically designed for cutting bread. The serrated edge allows the knife to easily slice through the crust of a loaf of bread without crushing the soft interior.

How do I choose the right bread knife?

How should I care for the Hast bread knife?Can I use Hast bread knife for other tasks?How do I sharpen Hast bread knife?SHOP NOWSlideshow


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Sort:SelectCesar R.5.0 star rating05/06/23The best bread knife.Review by Cesar R. on 6 May 2023review stating The best bread knife.I like the stainless steel design and its rounded serrated edge. It’s incredibly sharp but very well balanced by the rounded design and premium finishing.Share' Share Review by Cesar R. on 6 May 2023Was This Review Helpful?00Jenahl A.5.0 star rating05/06/23Best bread knife I own.Review by Jenahl A. on 6 May 2023review stating Best bread knife I own.It’s a good investment for me. I love how sharp it is the simple modern look.Share' Share Review by Jenahl A. on 6 May 2023Was This Review Helpful?00Ryan J.5.0 star rating05/05/23Love this bread knifeReview by Ryan J. on 5 May 2023review stating Love this bread knifeVery sharp knife.Share' Share Review by Ryan J. on 5 May 2023Comments (1)   Was This Review Helpful?00Comments by Store Owner on Review by Ryan J. on 5 May 2023Store Owner05/05/23Thank you for your kind words!Annette S.5.0 star rating05/05/23I like it so muchReview by Annette S. on 5 May 2023review stating I like it so muchA happy purchase for me. It slices soo smooth.Share' Share Review by Annette S. on 5 May 2023Was This Review Helpful?00Jim D.5.0 star rating05/05/23Best choiceReview by Jim D. on 5 May 2023review stating Best choiceThe rounded blades cut noticeably smoother and cleaner. It’s also super easy to wash and clean the knife.Share' Share Review by Jim D. on 5 May 2023Was This Review Helpful?00Tomeka C.5.0 star rating05/04/23Love the knifeReview by Tomeka C. on 4 May 2023review stating Love the knifeThis bread knife cuts bread so even and smooth. It’s also very good for cooked steaks.Share' Share Review by Tomeka C. on 4 May 2023Comments (1)   Was This Review Helpful?00Comments by Store Owner on Review by Tomeka C. on 4 May 2023Store Owner05/04/23Thank you for your kind words!Micah M.5.0 star rating04/28/23Great Bread Knife!Review by Micah M. on 28 Apr 2023review stating Great Bread Knife!We bought this to replace a bread knife we inherited and the difference is amazing. A local bakers recently opened and this knife works perfectly on all the crusty sourdough bread we've been buying. We especially like that it is all one piece so there are no corners for gunk to build up. Weight and balance are very nice as well.Share' Share Review by Micah M. on 28 Apr 2023Comments (1)   Was This Review Helpful?00Comments by Store Owner on Review by Micah M. on 28 Apr 2023Store Owner04/30/23Thank you for your kind words!Mario P.5.0 star rating04/19/23Worth the price.Review by Mario P. on 19 Apr 2023review stating Worth the price.It’s super sharp and seems to hold its edge long.Share' Share Review by Mario P. on 19 Apr 2023Was This Review Helpful?00Damon F.5.0 star rating04/19/23My favorite bread knifeReview by Damon F. on 19 Apr 2023review stating My favorite bread knifeWe make plenty of sandwiches using French bread. Some of the serrated knives end up making a mess of our bread. Sometimes they'd cut unevenly. Other times they would cut, but leave a mess of crumbs behind. And at worst, they'd just tear the bread, or bagel, or anything else that we're trying to cut. This knife is strong, durable, yet lightweight a...Read MoreRead more about review stating My favorite bread knifeShare' Share Review by Damon F. on 19 Apr 2023Was This Review Helpful?00Antwon D.5.0 star rating03/19/23sleek bread knifeReview by Antwon D. on 19 Mar 2023review stating sleek bread knifeI love its modern and sleek look that goes well with contemporary kitchens. This bread knife is light, well balanced, and performs at or above average based on other premium knives I've owned (Wusthof).Share' Share Review by Antwon D. on 19 Mar 2023Was This Review Helpful?0012345

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How do I choose the right bread knife?

When choosing a bread knife, look for one with a long, serrated blade that is sharp and has a good grip. The blade should be able to easily slice through bread without tearing or crushing it. The crevice-free design of Hast bread knife makes it very easy to clean and maintain so that your fresh baked bread can keep fresh.

How should I care for the Hast bread knife?

To care for your Hast bread knife, always hand wash it and dry it thoroughly after use. Avoid using abrasive sponges or detergents, as these can damage the serrated edge. When storing the knife, be sure to keep it away from other sharp objects to prevent it from becoming dull.

Can I use Hast bread knife for other tasks?

While Hast bread knife is specifically designed for cutting bread, it can also be used to slice through soft or delicate foods such as tomatoes, cakes, or soft cheeses. It may not be the best choice for cutting through harder or denser foods like root vegetables.

You might use your bread knife to make an incision when cutting harder foot such as a pumpkin.

How do I sharpen Hast bread knife?

To sharpen Hast bread knife, you can use a sharpening stone or Hast ceramic honing rod. First, wet the sharpening stone or honing rod with water. Then, holding the knife at a 15-degree angle, draw the blade across the stone or honing in a sawing motion, applying moderate pressure. Repeat this process on the side with the sharp edge until it is sharp.